History of Engineering Services

    The Engineering Services Department of BAS provides total ramp engineering handling. including provision of ground power, air conditioning units, air start, push back and aircraft cabin cleaning. In short, we are in a position to provide ground equipment and skilled technical manpower for the support, maintenance and service of any aircraft.

    Working in a four shift system throughout a 24 hour period, we have teams of skilled engineers and mechanics to carry out on-line maintenance checks requested by airlines. Engineering personnel possess a wide range of skills, training and certification approvals that are regularly ungrounded, they frequently assist airlines personnel on major repairs and engine changes.

    Ccomprehensive maintenance program and overhauls are carried out by the ground equipment section for over 270 motorized vehicles provided for the different airline and passenger needs. The ground equipment workshop takes care of the repair and maintenance of all ground support equipment.

    We also operate a fleet of air condition buses for transporting interline passengers and airline crew. has started on a purpose- built engineering workshop complex. This facility will comprise main and auxiliary workshops, a paint shop and a comprehensive spare parts store and fuel station. The Engineering Service Department facilities, equipment and personnel are always available to deal with the unexpected, the unusual and the necessities of airlines and aircraft of all sizes.

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